FAQ – a few basic questions answered.
If none of these questions helps you, please, go to our Discord and post your question.

This project was created by who?

Created by glauber.xyz (.tez/ .eth) – the project was born originally in his website under glauber.xyz/collected website.

Is this an Open Source project?

No. This is a personal and private project.

What technologies are being used?

Powered by API endpoints from tzkt.io, BetterCallDev and OBJKT.com. All data is pinned on Pinata and hosted on Heroku.

How do I know the boards are showing pieces from the actual owner’s collection?

It’s impossible for a board to exist without scanning your wallet for tokens you bought. The selection of artworks is directly connected to your wallet.

Is it free?

No. Every board costs 1 tez to publish. You’re free to use the default template. You can purchase other available templates, with pricing starting from 5 tez. You pay once and use it forever.

What if I published a board and it doesn’t appear in Explore section?

Please, contact glauber on Discord and he will try to figure out what happened. If it happens your board is lost forever, he will reimburse you.